“Matjes” (pickled herring) with potato bean salad

Ingredients for 4 people:

600g small potatoes
400g green beans
Salt, pepper
1 bundle of dill
200g Creme Fraiche
150g Salad Mayonnaise
100 ml milk
4 TS vinegar (white wine)
1 bit of sugar
1 red onion
1 red apple
8 double Matjes filets (pickled herrings)


Wash potatoes and cook in boiling water for about 20 minutes. Clean beans, wash them and cook in boiling water for about 8 minutes. Wash dill, swing dry. Pluck bits from the stems, keep a few for garnish and hack the rest.
Mix Creme Fraiche, mayonnaise, milk, and vinegar. Add salt, pepper, and sugar to taste.
Stir hacked dill into the dressing. Take out the beans and cool off with cold water. Take out the potatoes, cool off with cold water and let them cool off completely. Skin onions and cut into rings. Wash apple, cut to quarters, take out the core and slice thinly. Peel potatoes and slice them.
Mix potatoes, beans, onions, apple, and dressing. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Put on plates, top with Matjes filets and use dill as garnish.